Sexual Discrimination and the Gender Wage Gap in Tech

Sexual Discrimination and the Gender Wage Gap in Tech

Sexual discrimination and the gender wage gap have been hot topics in the past few years.  However, even though there had been an increase in awareness of this issue, California is seeing the widest pay gap since 2002. This California-based gender pay gap equates to a $7,000 loss annually for women. When adjusted for factors like experience, the gender pay gap is stretched out even further in one area in particular – Silicon Valley.

Women in Silicon Valley earn only 49 cents to a man’s dollar, according to a report released by Measure of America.  This disparity is even worse than it was in the days when newspapers ran sex-segregated job listings, where women earned 58 cents to a man’s dollar. While companies such as Facebook and Microsoft have announced that they have slashed their gender pay gaps, we are still far from seeing equal pay in Silicon Valley.  The Department of Labor recently found “systemic compensation disparities” at Google.

There is also the huge issue of a gender gap around promotion. A report released by McKinsey concluded that because women are not advancing into high paid-positions, they may be forced to leave the industry completely.  The situation is far worse for women of color.

Is Anything Being Done?

Fortunately, there has been some movement in California that is helping to reduce the gender pay gap. Governor Brown signed legislation prohibiting employers from relying solely on  an employee’s prior salary to justify paying them less than peers performing “substantially similar work.” This new law provides employees greater protection from gender- and ethnic-based wage disparity.

Matern Law Group Attorneys Successfully Challenge Gender Discrimination

Here at Matern Law Group, PC, we are committed to fighting for your rights. If you have experienced any form of gender discrimination, we are here to help.  Our attorneys have significant experience litigating  all manner of discrimination cases, including  unequal pay, discriminatory hiring and promotion practices, as well as harassment and retaliation claims.

We aim not only to help you recover compensation for losses, we are also fighting for employers to change their unfair business practices. It is our goal to see women be provided equal and fair opportunities.

If you believe you have been discriminated against, we can advocate for your rights and help you seek justice.