Torrance Refinery Being Sued for Negligent Operations and Nuisance

Torrance Refinery Being Sued for Negligent Operations and Nuisance

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February 22, 2017

The case against the Torrance Refinery arises out of growing community concern in the South Bay regarding the questionable operations of the Refinery. For years now, both under the operation of the Refinery’s previous owner Exxon and its current owner PBF Energy, the Refinery has been the center of incident after incident that jeopardizes the safety of those who live and work around the Refinery. Illustrative of this jeopardy to the community was the massive explosion that occurred on February 18, 2015, which was caused by known hazardous conditions that Cal/OSHA labeled intentional and willful.  The 2015 explosion, the extensive fallout from that explosion, and the continuation of years of neglect and general lack of necessary diligence that have caused numerous fires, leaks, explosions, and other releases of dangerous pollutants form the foundation of the complaint.  Since the months of repairs and restart of the Torrance Refinery in May 2016 the Refinery continues to operate in the same manner despite reoccurring issues with fires, flaring events, and power outages.

The operational issues at the Torrance Refinery is made all the more real and dangerous from the Refinery’s continued use of specific processes utilizing the highly toxic substance known as modified hydrofluoric acid or “MHF.”  This modified version of the otherwise banned chemical hydrofluoric acid, is still very dangerous and is stored in tanks near where the 2015 explosion occurred and the more recent fires.  Even a minor release of the MHF could have drastic effects on the surrounding community, including severe injury and death.

The Plaintiffs seek to represent the hundreds of thousands of residents and commuters in the surrounding community, hoping to cease the Defendants’ choice to place company profits over public safety.  The Refinery cannot continue to operate in the same manner, failing to rectify reoccurring problems, and causing a never ending string of aggravation and pollution in the community.

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