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Davis v. Shiekh Shoes, LLC (2022) 84 Cal. App. 5th 956

The Appellate Case

The case “Davis v. Shiekh Shoes, LLC” is about Britani Davis, who filed a lawsuit against her former employer, Shiekh Shoes. Shiekh Shoes then tried to move the case to arbitration, which is a way of resolving disputes outside of court. However, they made this request 19 months after the lawsuit was filed. The court decided that Shiekh Shoes had waited too long and acted in a way that suggested they didn’t really intend to arbitrate. Therefore, the court denied their request to move the case to arbitration.

Shiekh Shoes tried to justify their delay by saying they didn’t have a lawyer for several months, that court operations had been reduced due to the pandemic, and that another defendant in the case was the main target of Davis’s claims until he was dismissed. The court wasn’t convinced by these reasons. It noted that Shiekh Shoes didn’t explain why they delayed hiring a new lawyer and that the court had been deciding motions throughout the pandemic, so the court wasn’t to blame for Shiekh Shoes’s delay.

Furthermore, Shiekh Shoes didn’t respond to certain actions in the case and didn’t oppose Davis’s multiple requests to delay the trial. The court saw this as evidence that Shiekh Shoes intended to go to trial, not arbitration.

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