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Meza v. Pacific Bell Telephone Company, No. S275581

The Appellate Case

David Meza sued his former employer, Pacific Bell Telephone Company, on behalf of himself and others who may have been in similar situations. He alleged that Pacific Bell violated California Labor Code and Business and Professions Code, and that he was wrongfully terminated, which he argued was a violation of public policy. Pacific Bell responded by moving the case to a federal court, claiming that the issues involved federal law.

Although the search results do not provide specific information about the Meza v. Pacific Bell Telephone Company case, they offer some insights on how Pacific Bell has handled similar cases in the past. For instance, one case, Andersen v. Pacific Bell, involved customer service representatives who sued Pacific Bell for arbitrary discrimination and constructive wrongful termination. Despite this, none of the plaintiffs were actually discharged and Pacific Bell had established sales goals and marketing scripts for all service representatives equally.

Thus, it appears that Pacific Bell has faced lawsuits involving claims of violations of employment laws and policies in the past. However, these cases may or may not have similarities with Meza’s case as the search results do not provide any specific details about Meza’s allegations or the outcome of his lawsuit.

Is It Illegal, or Just Unfair?

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