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Ventura v. ABM Industries, Inc., 212 Cal. App. 4th 258 (2012)

The Appellate Case

In the case of Ventura v. ABM Industries Inc., a woman named Sylvia Ventura sued ABM Industries Incorporated, ABM Janitorial Services, Inc., and American Building Maintenance Company. The lawsuit involved several issues, one of them being sexual harassment and gender violence under sections 51.9 and 52.4, as well as a claim for sexual battery. The court decided to dismiss these particular claims, meaning they were not to be considered any further in this lawsuit.

However, Ventura was given the opportunity to revise her sexual battery claim. The court rejected the motion to dismiss the other claims, allowing them to continue in the lawsuit. The companies were not satisfied with the court’s decision and decided to appeal it. In simpler terms, Sylvia Ventura had a legal dispute with ABM Industries and related companies. Some of her claims were not accepted by the court, but others were allowed to continue. The companies didn’t agree with the court’s decision and chose to challenge it.

(Additional evidence in the case came from a deposition in a different lawsuit involving the same defendants).

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