Paid Family Leave and FMLA in California

FMLA Paid Family Leave & Sabbaticals

Paid Family Leave and FMLA If an employee’s place of work does not offer extended leave, the employee may have other options for taking time off. For example, they may be entitled to take leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or California’s Paid Family Leave program. The FMLA provides certain employees […]

California Pregnancy and Maternity Leave Laws: Your Rights Explained

California Maternity and Pregnancy Leave Laws

New parenthood can be exhilarating, but it can also make everyday activities more challenging, including work obligations. If you are a new or expecting parent, you deserve to rest. California maternity leave laws protect your right to take much-needed rest associated with pregnancy or welcoming a new child into your household. If you need maternity […]

Employment Law – Legislative Roundup

Employment Law Legislative Roundup

Drama and suspense ran high as lawmakers worked through the weekend until midnight last month to meet the August 31st deadline and pass bills for this year’s legislative cycle. Last-minute negotiations resulted in promising movement on important workers’ rights issues, including compensation, paid sick days, and family leave, but also gave rise to counter-measures from […]