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Matern Law Group, PC is a team of attorneys specializing in CCPA and CRPA laws. We are knowledgeable about consumer rights regarding personal information and can assist you if your data has been unlawfully accessed or released.

The CCPA and CRPA are important data privacy laws in California that provide numerous rights to California consumers. The CCPA is a state law that went into effect on January 1, 2020, which gives California consumers the right to know what personal information businesses collect about them, request the deletion of their personal information, opt-out of the sale of their personal information, and non-discrimination for exercising their privacy rights.

The CRPA, approved by California voters in November 2020, builds on the CCPA by expanding consumer rights and business obligations related to personal information. It creates a new enforcement agency, the California Privacy Protection Agency, and adds new consumer rights, such as the right to limit the use of sensitive personal information, correct inaccurate personal information, and restrict businesses from sharing personal information with third parties.

If you suspect a data privacy violation or mishandling of your data, contact our experienced data breach lawyers to discuss your rights. If your CCPA or CRPA rights are violated, you have several options for recourse, including contacting the business directly, filing a complaint with the California Attorney General’s office, or pursuing a private right of action. The CCPA and CRPA also provide protection against retaliation for exercising your privacy rights.

If you need further assistance, consult with a lawyer specializing in data privacy law like the experienced team at Matern Law Group, PC. We provide legal assistance to consumers like you and offer free consultations.

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