Disability Discrimination

Federal and California laws prohibit employers from discriminating against persons with disabilities. A disability can be both mental or physical.  Disability discrimination in the workplace can be based on an actual or perceived disability, as well as a disability that had been suffered at an earlier time. Additionally, employees or applicants who are related to a person with a disability are protected by these laws.

An employer is forbidden from treating an employee or applicant unfairly because of an actual or perceived disability, or a disability they suffered in the past, or because the employee needs to provide care for a person suffering from a disability, in any facet of employment, including but not limited to: hiring, firing, promotions, pay, layoff, and training. Unless providing reasonable accommodation to an employee or applicant with a disability would cause the employer undue hardship, the employer is required by law to provide reasonable accommodation to the employee or applicant.  In addition, an employer has an obligation to engage in an interactive process with an employee to determine what type of accommodations can be made.

If you believe you have been discriminated against due to an actual or perceived disability, we can help protect your rights.

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