The 24th annual Women in Technology International (“WITI”) Summit took place from June 10-June 12, 2018 in San Jose, California. 

Founded in 1989, WITI is a leading worldwide authority on women in business and technology, focused on advocating women’s contributions to the tech industry, inspiring them to pursue STEM careers, and actively working with corporate partners to create a culture of equality. 

Matern Law Group was a proud sponsor of this year’s WITI Summit, which brought hundreds of women to Silicon Valley to address key issues that face women working in the technology industry today.

This year’s keynote presentation, “Tech’s (Un)Conscious Bias Problem: What It Means For The Industry And How It Affects Business,” was led by Michelle Bailey, a Group Vice President, General Manager, & Research Fellow at the IDC. The presentation focused specifically on the issue of gender diversity within the technology industry, using IDC and WITI survey data to uncover where we stand in terms of representation, compensation, and overall opportunities for women in technology. The presentation revealed some eye-opening statistics, including that approximately 66% of women in technology have reportedly been sexually harassed, and over 50% of women in technology reportedly know at least 6 people who have been sexually harassed. The data also highlighted the continued pay gap between men and women in the tech industry, and that pay is one of the most important issues for women in technology today.

The Summit also offered a wide variety of lectures and panels led by industry leaders, as well as coaching sessions, networking opportunities, a career fair, art exhibits, and more.

Matern Law Group is committed to obtaining justice for employees who face gender discrimination, sexual harassment, unequal pay, or other problems in the workplace. By representing women in cases involving these sorts of issues, we hope to help level the playing field for women in the technology industry and beyond. 

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