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Bakersfield Employment Lawyers

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Dedicated to Getting Bakersfield Employees Justice

At Matern Law Group, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal advice and representation to those who need it most. If you’ve been taken advantage of – whether it’s in the workplace or the marketplace. You can rely on our team of highly skilled and experienced Bakersfield employment lawyers to help you understand your employee rights and restore the balance of power.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional legal services to our clients. Everyone deserves to have a powerful voice in the legal process. We work tirelessly and fight tenaciously to hold rights abusers accountable. We strive to elevate the standards of transparency and understanding at every stage of the legal process. We customize our strategies so each client can achieve the most favorable outcome. We passionately serve our communities – both inside and outside the courtroom. Let us fight for your rights.

Our Bakersfield Practice Areas

Workplace Harassment

Workplace Discrimination

Wrongful Termination

Overtime, Wage Theft, & Unlawful Pay

Missed Meal & Rest Breaks

Family, Medical, & Disability Leave

Whistleblower & Qui Tam

Class Actions

Consumer Protection

Data Privacy

Environmental Law

Securities Fraud

Is It Illegal, or Just Unfair?

Employers and businesses wield significant power, and unfair treatment can upend an employee’s life. Discrimination and harassment can undercut an employee’s self-esteem, sense of safety, and mental and physical health. Often, our clients are eligible to receive compensation for the mistreatment they experienced. We will help you understand your rights as a California worker and guide you through the complicated legal system to obtain the justice you deserve.

Litigation is our specialty, and we believe all workers should be protected in the legal system. That’s why Matern Law Group works to empower, support, and champion each client. We are proud of our history of representing workers from across the state. Our clients come from all industries, backgrounds, and income levels. Our team has handled a variety of different disputes between companies and their employees. We have represented individual workers and groups of workers who experienced similar mistreatment. We care about protecting those who need it most. Whether or not you are familiar with the legal system or your rights as an employee, our attorneys and legal assistants will help you through the process and ensure a favorable outcome.

We aim to make our law firm more than just a business. With our team of experienced, tenacious employment lawyers, we are ready to protect your rights. If you believe you experienced illegal mistreatment, contact our team of attorneys and get a free consultation. You have a right to a safe, ethical workplace.

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