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Bakersfield Data Privacy Attorneys

Data protection is an evolving issue, and a critical concern for individuals in Bakersfield as private information passes through the online environment. Matern Law Group steps in to provide necessary legal protections when data privacy rights are violated.

Bakersfield Data Privacy Violations Come in Many Forms

The right to pursue and obtain privacy is specifically protected by the California Constitution. In addition, California is the State with the most comprehensive privacy law in the US, the CCPA, which entered into effect on January 1, 2020.

A data breach is a cyber attack where private and protected information is leaked from a system by an unauthorized party. A breach can expose these types of confidential information:

• Legal names
• Addresses, emails and phone numbers
• Social Security numbers
• Driver’s license numbers
• Bank account numbers
• Passport details
• Insurance policy details
• Employment information
• Medical records and prescription information

Any information stored in a particular system is at risk of a breach. Malicious actors target systems that provide large stores of sensitive data.

Mass data breaches are increasingly commonplace as hackers use sophisticated technical knowledge and advanced techniques to access systems. A large sweep of information from a system occurs in a mass breach, and many individuals have their data stolen simultaneously.

In California, data privacy rights law requires entities doing business in the state to safeguard confidential data appropriately.

If you believe your personal information may have been stolen or compromised, or if you have received notification of your personal information being involved in a data breach, we are here to help. In most cases, individuals involved in a mass breach have the option of legal redress and may receive compensation.

An individual who is part of a mass data breach should contact a data privacy lawyer to determine if there is cause for a class action lawsuit. A class action allows one or more plaintiffs to sue on behalf of a group or class. When one person files, other individuals who have been harmed in the same mass data breach may join a suit if eligible. Retaining a privacy and data security lawyer with experience in handling a class action is critical. These complex cases span many aspects of data privacy law and require skilled legal representation.

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