MLG – Employment Law Newsletter – August 2021

Matern Law Group Spotlight

Tagore Subramaniam HikingThis quarter we’re shining the spotlight on one of the first attorneys to join Matern Law Group, Tagore Subramaniam, selected to the Southern California Rising Stars list from 2016 -2021 and the Up and Coming 100 list, from 2018 – 2021. I recently sat down with Tagore to find out a bit about his journey to becoming a lawyer.

“I’m pretty good at origami” Tagore answered with a smile when being asked to reveal a weird or unusual fact about himself.

An LA native, Tagore grew up in the Miracle Mile, Hancock Park area of Los Angeles and attended Hamilton Music Academy for High School. He went on to earn his undergraduate degree at UCLA and received his J.D. from Boston University. One could argue that the precision and creative skills needed for origami might mirror the skills he used to start his own production company with some friends from USC film school. Coming from a creative family, his father a director, one sister in visual arts and the other an opera singer, it seemed natural that Tagore would explore his creative side. Explore he did.

While studying philosophy at UCLA, Tagore’s interest to law began to solidify. As a child he would hear stories from his grandmother about relatives in Cuba who were prominent attorneys which sparked his interest in the law early on. His natural curiosity for life, interest in philosophy and analytical skills bring together a very unique outlook on how he views the law. For Tagore, the law exists as a framework from which to view the multitude of human experiences.

Being creative and athletic, Tagore has many interests outside of work. Besides his daily meditation practice, he can be found surfing the waves of So Cal, playing the guitar, climbing rocks, running or maybe even playing some pickle ball.

When I asked Tagore what his motto or life philosophy would be, he paused for a moment, then verbalized many positive ways on how to look at life. He had a lot of great things to say but in the end he chose, “Be open. Be present. Be loving.”

Tagore continues his work at Matern Law Group. He enjoys helping people and is interested in not only representing them, but truly getting to know who his clients are.

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Matt wants to foster a civil dialogue to help solve problems in our community, in our state and in our nation. He firmly believes we need to be bridge builders to heal the wounds of division in our country right now.

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