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Notable Cases and Results

Take a look at some of the important victories we’ve achieved on behalf of vulnerable workers, communities, and other victims of injustice:

MLG Strengthens Employee Rights Against Repeat "MeToo" Offenders

Pantoja v. Anton

Through Matern Law Group’s diligence, an outdated legal precedent that protected repeat offenders in sexual harassment cases has been overturned: An established history of harassment complaints is now admissible evidence in newer cases against a defendant.

Factory Workers Awarded $8.5 Million in Landmark Class-Action Settlement

Matern Law Group certified a class action lawsuit and successfully negotiated a large settlement for a group of 800 factory workers who were deprived of proper breaks, wages, and overtime by a Fortune 500 company.

Tech Giant Pays $4.75 Million in 5,100-Member Class-Action Wage Dispute

Matern Law Group won a settlement of $4.75 million in a 5,100-member class action lawsuit. The deal resolved wage-and-hour claims stretching back to 2011.

MLG Reverses Refusal to Grant Class-Action Certification

ABM Industries Overtime Cases

Thousands of janitorial workers were allowed to move forward with their class-action wage dispute after Matern Law Group’s argument that trial court’s initial refusal to certify the case constituted an abuse of discretion.

MLG Takes Down Top Defense Firm for Conduct Violation

Matern Law Group received class-action certification on behalf of 350 hotel workers upon discovering the opposing defense firm was representing both the hotel operator and several of the workers suing the company for alleged wage-and-hour violations.

Community Sues Former Refinery for Environmental Contamination

Goldstein v. Exxon Mobile Corp

After multiple incidences of oil leaks, excessive flaring, and fires, alarmed residents of Torrance, Calif. filed a class action lawsuit against the refinery’s current owners, alleging that it posed a safety and environmental hazard to the community.

Sexual Assault Victim Wins Case Against Supervisor

Ventura v. ABM Industries

A janitorial worker prevailed in a trial against her former supervisor at a facilities services company, whom she had accused of threatening, harassing, and assaulting her throughout her employment.

Victimized Cashier Holds Defendant Accountable in Harassment Suit

Fuentes v. Autozone, Inc.

A cashier received a favorable judgment after accusing her supervisors at an automotive retailer of treating her like a “sexual plaything.”

Victims of Harassment and Retaliation Receive $2.5 Million

Barba v. Blue Boys, Inc.

Matern Law Group Attorney Dalia Khalili won more than $2 million in compensatory and punitive damages for two clients who accused industrial supply company Blue Boys Inc of sexual harassment and retaliation.

Koi Waitress Achieves Victory in Sexual Harassment Case

Rich v. Koi Restaurant

A waitress who suffered numerous incidences of sexual harassment at the hands of her supervisor at Koi Restaurant was awarded compensatory and punitive damages.

$3.6 Million in Mechanics’ Wage Dispute

Automotive retailer settled a class action lawsuit on behalf of a group of former employees who accused the company of wage violations.

Drivers Awarded $6 Million in Class-Action Suit

Matern Law Group successfully negotiated a large settlement for a group of 18,000 delivery drivers who were not properly compensated for missed breaks or adequately reimbursed for vehicle use.

McDonald’s Pays $26m to Resolve Long-Running Wage Dispute

Sanchez v. McDonald's

Following a bench trial in a certified class action, Matern Law Group and its co-counsel secured a $26m settlement on behalf of 38,000 hourly employees at McDonald’s corporate-owned restaurants throughout California.  The settlement also provides for comprehensive injunctive relief, including extensive training to McDonald’s managers and hourly employees and changes to McDonald’s timekeeping practices.


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