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We work tirelessly and fight tenaciously to hold rights abusers accountable.

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We strive to elevate the standards of transparency and understanding at every stage of the legal process.

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We customize our strategies, so each client can achieve the most favorable outcome.

Advocates for social justice

We passionately serve our communities – both inside and outside the courtroom.

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Notable Cases and Results

McDonald’s Pays $26m to Resolve Long-Running Wage Dispute

Sanchez v. McDonald’s

Matern Law Group and its co-counsel secured a $26m settlement on behalf of 38,000 hourly employees at McDonald’s corporate-owned restaurants throughout California. The settlement also provides comprehensive injunctive relief, including extensive training to McDonald’s managers and hourly employees.

Factory Workers Awarded $8.5 Million in Landmark Class-Action Settlement

Matern Law Group certified a class action lawsuit and successfully negotiated a large settlement for a group of 800 factory workers who were deprived of proper breaks, wages, and overtime by a Fortune 500 company.

MLG Strengthens Employee Rights Against Repeat “MeToo” Offenders

Pantoja v. Anton

Through Matern Law Group’s diligence, an outdated legal precedent that protected repeat offenders in sexual harassment cases has been overturned: An established history of harassment complaints is now admissible evidence in newer cases against a defendant.


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Harassment & Discrimination

As an employee in California, you deserve to be treated fairly and equally, regardless of your race, gender, age, nation of origin, and religion.

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Wrongful Termination & Retaliation

California law protects workers like you – including whistleblowers – from being penalized or dismissed from your job without reasonable cause or due process.

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Overtime, Wage & Unlawful Pay

As an hourly employee, you should always be fully compensated for your work. In many situations, practices like tip pooling, denied overtime, or garnished wages may be illegal.

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Meal & Rest Break Claims

Employees are legally entitled to take established work breaks throughout the day. When companies deprive you of this time, they are violating your rights.

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Family, Medical & Disability Leave

As an employee, you may have certain guaranteed protections and benefits if you need to take a leave of absence due to personal situations like a medical crisis or a change in family status.

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Consumer Protection

Even the most powerful corporations and governing bodies do not have the right to knowingly put you or your family in harm’s way. When a public entity engages in fraudulent, deceptive, or unsafe practices, consumers have the means to hold them accountable.

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Whether you’re involved in a personal dispute or are looking for justice on behalf of a group of victims, having experienced, reputable law practitioners on your side can help restore the balance of power and protect your rights.

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“You’ve advanced your clients cause in every way you could. Your arguments have been completely responsive to the ruling . . . Someone always wins and someone always loses in law and motion practice and litigation generally, that’s inevitable. What’s not inevitable is it someone comes in and their stature increases as a reliable, as an honorable advocate.”  (Following these statements the Court changed its tentative ruling and ruled in favor of MLG’s clients)

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“Plaintiffs’ counsel has demonstrated that counsel is qualified to conduct the proposed litigation and that counsel and the representatives will vigorously and tenaciously represent the class.”

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