Consumer Protection

Even the most powerful corporations do not have the right to knowingly put you or your family in harm’s way. When a company engages in fraudulent, deceptive, or unsafe practices, Matern Law Group helps consumers hold them accountable.

Consumer Protection

The attorneys at the Matern Law Group have many years’ experience protecting consumers from a variety of unfair, deceptive, and predatory practices.

False Advertising

Anything published or advertised — on TV, in print, on a product label — that leads consumers to an incorrect understanding or belief about a product or service is considered “deceptive,” and California consumers have a variety of legal remedies available to them to combat such practices.

Product Defects

State and federal laws provide the consumer with remedies for products that do not perform as promised. Individuals who have suffered economic or personal injury as the result of a defective product, or who have purchased products that simply did not work as represented, can and should seek representation from experienced consumer protection attorneys.

Privacy & Data Breach

In the modern economy — where sensitive financial, medical and other personal information is routinely stored electronically in large data sets — protecting personal information is increasingly important.  When companies fail to protect consumers’ personal information it leads to privacy breaches with devastating consequences.

TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act)

The TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) is a federal statute enacted in 1991 to protect consumer privacy. The TCPA restricts telemarketing communications via voice calls, SMS texts, and fax. The Act limits the use of pre-recorded voice messages, automatic dialing, and SMS and fax use. Without explicit customer consent, companies must adhere to strict rules and must honor the National Do Not Call Registry.  Affected consumers may sue any company that does not follow the TCPA guidelines.

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