Satyagraha Alliance Launching New Microloan Program


Satyagraha Alliance Micro Loan ProgramMANHATTAN BEACH, CA (June 1, 2022)The Satyagraha Alliance, the social corporate responsibility arm of Matern Law Group, has announced the launch of their new microloan program. The program was created to empower and support underserved business owners and ambitious entrepreneurs in California who are unable to secure financing through conventional loans.

The Satyagraha Alliance will be offering an affordable loan product for aspiring or established entrepreneurs to use in their start-up or existing business. The funds can be used for reasonable and eligible business operation costs, including, but not limited to, inventory, equipment, working capital and leaseholder improvements.

The microloan program is open to all small businesses located in California that do not qualify for traditional bank financing. The program is designed for new and early-stage businesses in underserved markets, including borrowers with little to no credit history, low-income borrowers, and women and minority entrepreneurs who generally do not qualify for larger, SBA guaranteed loans. In addition, Satyagraha Alliance will provide access to workshops, webinars, and other resources as needed for each borrower.

More information on Satyagraha Alliance and the microloan program can be found here:


About Satyagraha Alliance
Satyagraha Alliance is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization that supports philanthropic programs for local underserved communities. Our mission: to alleviate many of the troubling issues that stem from social injustice, homelessness, and food insecurity through collaboration, charitable giving, and volunteer work.

For more information about Satyagraha Alliance, please visit or contact Julia Cottrell at

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