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Argueta v. Worldwide Flight Servs., Inc. (2023) 97 Cal. App.5th 822

The Appellate Case

The case of Argueta v. Worldwide Flight Services, Inc. involves a sexual harassment claim filed by Eunices Argueta against her employer, Worldwide Flight Services, Inc., and a fellow employee, Dzung Nguyen. The initial trial ended in favor of the defendant, prompting Argueta to appeal for a new trial and a judgment notwithstanding the verdict (JNOV).

Argueta claimed that the trial court erred by admitting evidence of complaints made by her colleagues against her, alleging that these were irrelevant and prejudiced her character. She further argued that the defendant’s liability for sexual harassment was strict and that an admission by the HR representative that Nguyen had sexually harassed her made the motive irrelevant.

The court agreed with Argueta that the defendant’s counsel inappropriately used the complaints against her to portray her negatively, thus undermining the trial court’s limiting instruction. The complaints against Argueta, which were filed by several employees she supervised, accused her of bullying, harassment, retaliation, and other improper behavior. The trial court admitted these complaints in full despite a motion to exclude them from Argueta.

Taking these factors into account, the court of appeal agreed that admitting the complaints against Argueta was a prejudicial error. The court of appeal then reversed the trial court’s denial of Argueta’s motion for a new trial. The search results did not provide any additional information relevant to this case.

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