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Navigating Workplace Disabilities in California

california workplace disabilities lawyers Navigating Workplace Disabilities in California: Your Rights and Protections

In California, the pursuit of workplace diversity and inclusivity is deeply ingrained in the state’s employment laws. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) are pivotal pieces of legislation that mandate equal employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. In this blog post, we’ll explore the rights and protections afforded to employees with disabilities in the workplace, as well as the legal obligations of employers under California employment law.

Understanding Workplace Disabilities

A workplace disability, as defined by the ADA and FEHA, is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. These impairments can include, but are not limited to, mobility impairments, visual or hearing impairments, chronic illnesses, and mental health conditions. A key aspect of these laws is that they protect not only employees who currently have disabilities but also those who have a history of disabilities or are perceived as having a disability.

Rights and Protections Under California Employment Law

california workplace disabilities lawyers

Reasonable Accommodations: Employers in California are legally required to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified employees with disabilities. These accommodations may include modifications to the work environment, changes to work hours or schedules, and equipment or technology adjustments to enable individuals with disabilities to perform their job duties.

Non-Discrimination: Discrimination against individuals with disabilities is strictly prohibited in California workplaces. Employers cannot discriminate against an employee because of their disability, and they must treat all employees fairly and equally.

Harassment Prevention: Disabled employees have the right to a workplace free from harassment based on their disability. Harassment can take various forms, including offensive jokes, derogatory comments, or exclusion from workplace activities. Employers must take prompt action to address any complaints of disability-related harassment.

Confidentiality: Employers are also required to keep disability-related information confidential. Only those who need to know about an employee’s disability should have access to such information. This ensures that an employee’s privacy is protected.

Equal Access: Employers must provide equal access to employment opportunities and benefits, including training, promotions, and other job-related advantages. Any disparities based on disability are against the law.

Retaliation Protections: Employees with disabilities who assert their rights under the ADA or FEHA are protected from retaliation by their employers. This means that employers cannot take adverse actions against employees who seek accommodations, file complaints, or participate in legal proceedings related to their disability.[1]

Steps to Take If You Have a Workplace Disability

If you have a disability and believe your rights have been violated in the workplace, there are specific steps you can take.

Document the issue. Keep a record of incidents, communications, and any actions that have affected your employment due to your disability. Inform your employer about your disability and your need for accommodations. They are legally required to engage in an interactive process to determine appropriate accommodations. If you face resistance or believe your rights are not being upheld, consult with the experienced employment attorneys at Matern Law Group who can provide guidance and representation throughout the process.

Get Legal Protection

Workplace disabilities should not hinder an individual’s ability to succeed professionally. California employment laws provide robust protections for employees with disabilities, ensuring they have equal opportunities and can work in environments free from discrimination and harassment. If you believe your rights are being violated due to your disability, or if you have questions about the legal obligations of your employer, contact Matern Law Group for a free consultation. Your rights are worth defending, and the law is on your side.


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