I Signed What?! (Arbitration Agreements)

Arbitration Agreement Contract

Know Your Rights: Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Agreements Note: The information provided below is for educational/ informational purposes only and should not to be taken as legal advice. If you believe you have experienced employment violations contact an attorney. Do you remember every form you signed when you were hired at your job? We’ve all been […]

Arbitration, Immorality, and Both Supreme Courts

Arbitration Agreement Contract laws

On January 5, 2016 the California Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Baltazar v. Forever 21 Inc. et al., S208345, which is currently pending for decision. The Plaintiff in Baltazar is a female former employee of Forever 21 who alleged multiple instances of racism and gender bias as well as sexual harassment at work.  The Plaintiff also alleged […]

Taco Bell Employee Wins Arbitration Important Victory For Working People

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November 9, 2016 In an important victory for workers’ rights, the California Court of Appeals refused to order a fast-food worker to arbitrate his wage and hour claims against a Taco Bell franchisee, Century Fast Foods. Attorneys from Matern Law Group, PC argued that an arbitration agreement, like any agreement, requires the mutual assent of […]

Supreme Court Refuses to Review California Supreme Court Arbitration Decision

Broken Contract, Ended Arbitration

The information on this website and blog does not constitute legal advice.   For the second time, the United States Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to the California Supreme Court’s holding that state Private Attorney General Act (“PAGA”) claims cannot be compelled to arbitration, despite language in employment arbitration agreements containing class action […]