Navigating Workplace Disabilities in California

california workplace disabilities lawyers

Navigating Workplace Disabilities in California: Your Rights and Protections In California, the pursuit of workplace diversity and inclusivity is deeply ingrained in the state’s employment laws. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) are pivotal pieces of legislation that mandate equal employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. In […]

Facing Failure to Hire Discrimination

Failure To Hire Discrimination

Could you be a victim of failure to hire? Finding the right candidate can be challenging for employers, but some companies employ unfair hiring practices as they assess and interview applicants. Fortunately, both federal and state protections exist to shield workers from discriminatory practices during and after the interview process. Review the facts about failure […]

Female Tech Workers Sue Zendesk for Equal Pay and Equal Treatment

Zendesk Class Action Lawsuit Filed by Female Workers

June 1, 2022 In September 2021, a woman filed suit against Zendesk after Matt Ingebrigtsen, Director of Enterprise Sales-West, announced on a videoconference, “We call your baby the million-dollar baby because you lost out on a million dollars of wages since you took a full maternity leave.” Today, three more women filed a lawsuit under […]