Save Mart Supermarkets Class Action Lawsuit

Save Mart Class Action Lawsuit

Save Mart Supermarkets is facing a class action lawsuit alleging that it illegally terminated health benefits for retirees and their spouses. The lawsuit alleges that Save Mart breached its fiduciary duty in April 2022 when it decided to stop paying $500 monthly health reimbursements to the retirees and their spouses, despite having previously represented the […]

Exercising Your Rights to Religious and Federal Holidays from Work

workplace religious holiday discrimination lawyers

Religious holidays Taking time off work for religious holidays can be a complicated matter, as it often involves balancing the needs and obligations of one’s faith with the requirements and expectations of one’s job. In the United States, federal law provides certain protections for employees who need to take time off for religious observances. The […]

California Mental Health Accommodations in the Workplace

work health stress rights

Individuals from all backgrounds and experiences should be able to fully participate in all aspects of society, including employment. Many state and federal laws uphold this principle. And when it comes to individuals with disabilities, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) were enacted to help ensure […]

COVID-19 and Employment Law Developments

COVID-19 and Employment Law Developments

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major changes in our lives and workplaces. And with those changes have come new regulations. Cities, counties, states, and the federal government have put out new rules and guidelines that govern how workers and employers interact. But, given the frequent updates and number of regulations, it can be overwhelming to […]

Meal Period Length Threatens Employee Wellbeing

meal break periods for employees

The California supreme court recently decided on two important wage and hour issues in Donohue v AMN Services, LLC. First, the court decided on whether rounding time punches for meal periods is permissible under California law. Secondly, the court decided on whether a rebuttable presumption of meal period violations arises at summary judgement if time […]