California Legislature Passes Historic Minimum Wage Increase

Minimum Wage Increase

On April 4th, Gov. Jerry Brown signed S.B. 3 into law, a historic measure by the California legislature which will raise the state’s minimum wage to $15/hour by 2022, followed by annual adjustments for inflation.  The impact of the bill will reach beyond just the 2.2 million California workers who currently make minimum wage: economists […]

Minimum Wage Law in California as of July 1, 2019

California Minimum Wage Law

Wage and hour laws set the basic standards for pay and time worked—covering issues like minimum wage, tips, overtime, meal and rest breaks, what counts as time worked, when you must be paid, things your employer must pay for, and so on. The federal wage and hour law is called the Fair Labor Standards Act. […]

Independent Contractor vs Employee Classification: An Overview

Independent Contractor vs. Employee Worker

Many workers in the United States are classified as independent contractors (IC) instead of as employees. While the IC classification is appropriate for many, many still are — often intentionally — misclassified as ICs in order to save money.  This is because ICs are not entitled to the following benefits legally enjoyed by workers classified […]

Improper Background Checks and the FCRA: an Overview

fcra background check

Improper Background Checks and the FCRA: an Overview Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), if an employer seeks to terminate a current employee or to not hire an applicant because of information contained in a criminal or consumer background report, there are certain requirements must be met. To begin, employers must make a clear […]

Equal Pay for Women in California

equal pay for women

Did you know that women still earn, on average, only 80 percent of what men do? Fortunately, California is leading the way when it comes to laws designed to close the gender wage gap. What is the Gender Pay Gap? In 2017, the Los Angeles Times reported that women who live in California and work […]

Women in Technology Summit Highlights Gender Gap in Tech Industry

Women in Technology Summit Highlights Gender Gap in Tech Industry

The 24th annual Women in Technology International (“WITI”) Summit took place from June 10-June 12, 2018 in San Jose, California. Founded in 1989, WITI is a leading worldwide authority on women in business and technology, focused on advocating women’s contributions to the tech industry, inspiring them to pursue STEM careers, and actively working with corporate […]

Root Causes and Solutions for LA’s Homeless Crisis

Root Causes and Solutions for LA’s Homeless Crisis

Root Causes and Solutions for LA’s Homeless Crisis Please join us to discuss Root Causes and Solutions For LA’s Homeless Crisis Thursday November 16th, 2017 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm at the SLS Hotel, Beverly Hills. Register by following the link below.    

California Supreme Court Affirms Class & Broad Discovery Rights

Supreme Court California Building

You consult with an attorney who offers to represent you in a “wage and hour” class action case where you, as a plaintiff and class representative, will have an opportunity to represent all of the company’s California employees in a fight for unpaid wages. But how can you, as a class representative, prove that the […]

Matern Law Group Rising Stars and Super Lawyers 2017

Super Lawyers Rising Stars 2017

Matern Law Group, PC is proud to announce three of its attorneys Matthew W. Gordon, Dalia Khalili, and Tagore Subramaniam, have been named to the Super Lawyers Rising Stars 2017 list. Additionally, Matthew J. Matern and Launa Adolph were named to the Super Lawyers 2017 list. Matern Law Group, PC is an employment law firm […]

Matern Law Group Super Lawyers Rising Stars and Super Lawyers 2017 Selections

super lawyers

Matern Law Group, PC is proud to announce three of its attorneys, Matthew W. Gordon, Dalia Khalili, and Tagore Subramaniam, have been named to the Super Lawyers Rising Stars 2017 list. Additionally, Matthew J. Matern and Launa Adolph were named to the Super Lawyers 2017 list. Matern Law Group, PC is an employment law firm with a reputation for litigation excellence. Our […]

Beverly Hills Bar Association Event

Beverly Hills Bar Association Logo

One of our Senior Associate Attorneys, Tagore Subramanian, will be speaking at the Beverly Hills Bar Association on July 19th, 2017. He has successfully litigated and favorably resolved class actions on behalf of thousands of employees.

I Signed What?! (Arbitration Agreements)

Arbitration Agreement Contract

Know Your Rights: Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Agreements Note: The information provided below is for educational/ informational purposes only and should not to be taken as legal advice. If you believe you have experienced employment violations contact an attorney. Do you remember every form you signed when you were hired at your job? We’ve all been […]

“Day of Rest” Requirement Clarified by California Supreme Court

Day of Rest Law California

Last week, the California Supreme Court interpreted California’s “day of rest” requirement in a manner detrimental to California employees. The California Labor Code provides that “[e]very person employed in any occupation of labor is entitled to one day’s rest therefrom in seven,” and “[n]o employer of labor shall cause his employees to work more than […]

Bosses Who Hug Their Employees May Create a Hostile Work Environment

Bosses Who Hug at Work

Hugs from your boss could indeed create a hostile work environment. In an opinion issued just last week, a three-judge panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Zetwick v. County of Yolo revived a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Yolo County Sheriff by holding that the U.S. District Court improperly dismissed a […]

U.S. Supreme Court to Decide Whether Class Action Waivers are Illegal

Class Action Waivers

Many employees have experienced the same thing at their new job – they show up for their first day of work and are forced to sign a stack of paperwork. In recent times, many employers who plan on cheating their workers out of pay have been adding two documents to that stack: (1) an agreement […]

Matern Law Group Attorneys Named to the 2017 California Super Lawyers List

super lawyers

We are pleased to announce that Matthew Matern, Founding Attorney, and Launa Adolph, Senior Associate Attorney at Matern Law Group, PC, have been selected to the 2017 California Super Lawyers list. This is an exclusive list, recognizing no more than five percent of attorneys in California. Super Lawyers, part of Thomson Reuters, is a research-driven, peer influenced […]

An Employee’s Guide to New California Employment Laws (2017)

California Employee Law Guidelines

With all of the holiday cheer, family time, and vacations this season, it is easy to miss all of the new laws going into effect in 2017. We’ve decided to highlight a few of the laws that we feel may be the most relevant to you, the employee, to better help prepare you for the […]

Employee Misclassification: A Violation of the NLRA?

Employee Misclassification

Currently, employers who misclassify employees as independent contractors may be liable for violations of the tax code, California Labor Code, and the Federal Labor Standards Act, among others. But there may be an unexpected new addition to the employment plaintiffs’ toolkit for litigating these claims: the National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”). The National Labor Relations […]

Changes in California’s Sexual Harassment Laws

changes in california sexual harassment laws

Changes in California’s Sexual Harassment Laws California has been on the forefront of protecting workers’ rights. As early as 1959, California enacted the Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”), in order to protect Californians from employment discrimination, among other issues. The FEHA has expanded over the years, protecting individuals in a number of “protected classes” […]

Supreme Court Decision – Class Action Limits Reach of Wal-Mart v. Dukes

Walmart Vs. Dukes Case

In a ruling favorable to class-action plaintiffs, the United States Supreme Court recently held that, in certain circumstances, workers may use averages and other statistical analyses to establish class-wide liability.  In Tyson Foods, Inc. v. Bouaphakeo, 577 U.S. ___ (2016), Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for a 6-to-2 majority, upheld a lower court’s order denying decertification, and $5.8 […]

SAG-AFTRA & Byron Allen Can’t Settle Out Comedians’ Claims

SAG-AFTRA & Byron Allen

NINTH CIRCUIT SAYS UNION SAG-AFTRA AND BYRON ALLEN CAN’T SETTLE OUT COMEDIANS’ CLAIMS FOR BREACH OF THE DUTY OF FAIR REPRESENTATION AND VARIOUS LABOR CODE VIOLATIONS Pauley, et al. v. CF Entertainment, et al. No. 14-55131 Pauley v. CF Entertainment, et al. No. 14-55155 After hearing oral argument, on March 25, 2016 the Ninth Circuit Court of […]

Arbitration, Immorality, and Both Supreme Courts

Arbitration Agreement Contract laws

On January 5, 2016 the California Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Baltazar v. Forever 21 Inc. et al., S208345, which is currently pending for decision. The Plaintiff in Baltazar is a female former employee of Forever 21 who alleged multiple instances of racism and gender bias as well as sexual harassment at work.  The Plaintiff also alleged […]