8 Preguntas para Hacerle a un Abogado por Despido Injustificado en Los Ángeles

questions to ask your lawyer

Antes de contratar a un abogado por despido injustificado en Los Ángeles, necesita saber qué preguntarle. Descubra ocho preguntas comunes aquí. Perder el trabajo es estresante en el mejor de los casos, pero puede ser francamente traumático en caso de un despido injusto. Según la ACLU, alrededor de 150.000 estadounidenses enfrentan anualmente un despido injustificado. […]

8 Questions to Ask a Lawyer for Wrongful Termination in Los Angeles

questions to ask your lawyer

Before hiring a lawyer for wrongful termination in Los Angeles, you need to know what to ask them. Find out about eight common questions here. Losing your job is stressful in the best of circumstances, but it can be downright traumatic in the event of an unjust firing. According to the ACLU, about 150,000 Americans […]

How Do I Know if I Have Been Wrongfully Terminated?

wrongfully terminated

Wrongful termination refers to firing an employee in a way that violates the law or a contract of employment. If you’ve recently been let go from your former position, you may wonder if the decision was legally sound. As you reflect on the events leading up to your termination, you might discover that the reason for […]

How To Know if You Need a Wrongful Termination Lawyer

California Wrongful Termination Lawyers

When you’ve been unjustly fired from your place of employment, you may feel a lot of powerful emotions: anger at the injustice, disappointment in your employer, and insecurity about the future. Federal and state laws offer employee protections in these circumstances, but navigating the process can seem overwhelming. A wrongful termination lawyer can help you […]

What is a Qui Tam Lawsuit, and How Does it Apply to an Employee?

Qui Tam Whistleblower Employee Rights Lawyers

What is a qui tam Lawsuit? The term “qui tam” (pronounced kee-tam) finds its origin in a Latin phrase that roughly means “who as well for the king as for himself sues in this matter.” The term describes a cause of action where a private citizen, also known as a “whistleblower” or “relator,” brings a […]

The Next COVID-19 Employment Litigation Hotbeds

covid-19 employment litigation

Soon, the lawsuits that have made up the bulk of coronavirus-related litigation thus far — primarily concerning safety and wrongful termination — will give way to wage, discrimination and other related claims. While the suits filed so far reflect workers’ main concerns in the early days of the pandemic, as more businesses and courts open […]